Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Kyte tour of Japan 2008.

After releasing our mini-album in Japan in September 2007 on the Rallye Label we were invited to do a 7 date tour during June 2008. We wanted to share some photos and memories of this amazing trip.

Friday 13th June 2008
We left the UK to fly to Tokyo Narita Airport which included a breif stopover in Paris.

Saturday 14th June 2008
After a 17 hour flight we arrive Tokyo-Narita airport, Japan at around 8am local time, where we were met by our two new freinds Fumi and Koji.

Soon after checking in we were able to get our first glimpse of Tokyo city.

A lot of fun was to be had on this Japanese drum game.

Tokyo by night: Tower Records, our first live performance in Japan will be here tomorrow.
Tokyo Karaoke fun... highlights included Peter Gabriel, The Killers, Justin Timberlake and Weezer.

Sunday 15th June 2008.
The day of our instore show at Tower Records Shibuya.

Jamie's guitar didnt do too well on the journey and needed some attention before the show.

We played a 4 song stripped down set to around 150 people and met every single one after the show.

.The display stands here were really impressive.

Backstage at Tower Records.

Monday 16th June 2008
Today is our first full show at the O-Nest in Shibuya district of Tokyo.
The view from the hotel in Tokyo.

Soundchecking at O-Nest.

Main tour support were the band Llama who were seriously good, as well as having the worlds coolest looking drumkit, check them out everyone!

Watching Llama from sidestage.

Tuesday 17th June 2008
No show today as we had to drive North from Tokyo up to Kanazawa. It took about 6 hours but gave us a chance to see some incredible scenery.

After arriving in Kanazawa Fumi took us to chill out at a traditional Japanese bathing house.

Wednesday 18th June 2008.
Tonight we play at The Social in Kanazawa, but in the morning had time to look around the town.
We visited the shop of our label in Japan... Rallye.

Then headed to do some photos in a really cool retro furnature shop.

Photo (C)Nana Harada
We also had just enough time to look around Kanazawa museum of modern art. Kanazawa Social.

Thursday 19th June 2008: Osaka

Todays show is in Osaka, Japan's second biggest city, the venue is The Sunsui.

Photo (C)Nana Harada

Nick was given a cool hat by a fan... Thank you Tomy.

Friday 20th June 2008

We had today off so we got the chance to hit Universal Studios Japan.

Saturday 21st June 2008: Kyoto.
Kyoto Urbanguild.

We were checking out central Kyoto and got caught in the rain.

Photo (c) Nana Harada
We climbed to the top of the venue for a rooftop view of Kyoto. The Hotel in Kyoto.

Sunday 22nd June 2008: Nagoya.

Today we travelled to Nagoya to play at a venue called KD Japon. It was the most intimate of the tour.

Monday 23rd June 2008: Tokyo
Today is sadly the last show for us, we return to Tokyo O-Nest to play a second sold out gig.
Firstly we did some interviews...

The show felt incredible.

24th June 2008.

Thanks to Fumi, Koji and everyone in the band Llama for allowing us to have such an incredible tour!

If anyone has any photos they took at one of the shows please send them to us...

We will be back soon!

Thanks... Kyte.

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